At Son of Man Sagardo, we work to perfect a singular craft. Inspired by the generations of cidermakers in Northern Spain, we have set out to make exceptional Basque-style cider. 

Son of Man cider is wild. It reflects the stunning landscape of the Columbia River Gorge and the bold spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

Native yeasts, Oregon apples, and spontaneous ferment. Unfiltered and unfined. Our Basque-style cider is as natural as it gets and tastes like the time and place it comes from.

Son of Man Sagardo celebrates adventure: mountaineering, fly fishing, getting muddy, and grilling over a wood fire.  Share a bottle, or three, with friends around the table. 


Long live long brims and long pours.





Because Son of Man is unlike any cider you’ve ever tasted. To only call it cider would ignore sagardo’s unique history and distinct character. This isn't the sweet stuff served in pints. Crafted more like wine than beer, sagardo is made once a year during the fall apple harvest. It ferments for four months in massive kupelas (American oak foeders) before it’s ready to drink.

Sagardo is at its best with food. It evolved in harmony with the vaunted Basque culinary tradition, and you can taste it. Sagardo is bright and tart, with a hint of Old World funk. Sagardo is versatile, pairing equally well with oysters on the beach or steak off the campfire.

Break the sagardo the way Basques have done for centuries. As you pour, raise the bottle as far from the glass as you can. Pouring from height aerates and carbonates the cider, giving it a traditional and distinctive fizz.

Drink and repeat. It’s as simple as that.



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Get outfitted to go forth and explore. Pack in a bottle of Son of Man Sagardo to enjoy wherever you go.

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Sagardo is as much about the product, as it is the company you enjoy it with.

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